Examine Information:
Leader of the White Knights.
Miscellaneous Information:
Sir Amik Varse plays these roles in the following quests:
  • A Void Dance - Spoken to in order to receive a warrant.
  • Death of Chivalry, The - Orders Sir Owen to travel to Edgeville.
  • Recruitment Drive - Starts the quest. He recommends you joining the White Knights.
  • Recipe For Disaster: Freeing Sir Amik Varze - Starts the quest. You will need to create a Brulee supreme for him.
  • Wanted! - Starts the quest. You will become his deputy.
  • What's Mine is Yours - He is the last customer of Doric.
  • Evil Dave's Big Day Out - He will drunkenly give you information about a secret meeting.
  • Desperate Times - He can be spoken to when sorting out the details about the garden for Bix. He will offer the White Knights as a labor force.

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