Examine Information:
One of Hannibus's late descendants. (During One of a Kind)

An ilukanka, recently arrived from Iaia. (On Anachronia)
Miscellaneous Information:
Sharrigan is the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Hannibus, who was thought to be the last Dragon Rider.

In One of a Kind, Therragorn returns to Hannibus's homeworld and brings Sharrigan back with her.

Sharrigan collects Dragonkin artefacts (found in the Orthen Dig Site) and will accept any restored artefacts which you have not yet contributed to a collection. See our Archaeology Collections special report for more information on how this works. Below is a table of which collections she accepts items for as well as the start and completion levels they each require.

Collections Level to
Level to
Dragonkin I 90 99
Dragonkin II 101 102
Dragonkin III 106 108
Dragonkin IV 113 120

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