Examine Information:
A tiny part of Seren.
Miscellaneous Information:
Seren spirit is a NPC that can spawn when gathering resources if you are wearing a Grace of the elves. When it appears, you will hear an audio queue to inform you it is there. From the moment it spawns, you have approximately 30 seconds in which to interact with the Seren spirit before it will disappear and your rewards will be lost; a timer can be seen above it showing you how long you have. Interacting with a Seren spirit will not interrupt your resource gathering.

When you interact with a Seren spirit, it will deposit an item from the Rare Drop Table into your bank. In the event your bank is full, it will appear in your inventory instead. If your inventory is also full, the item will drop to the ground where it can be lost if you to not pick it up in time.

Wearing Luck-enhancing items will increase your changes of obtaining more valuable loot. This includes the very rare Hazelmere's signet ring, but only if you are using a Tier 4 Luck item.

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