Examine Information:
Seren, goddess of the elves.
Miscellaneous Information:
Seren participates in several quests.
  • The Light Within - During this quest, you will help the Prifddinas elders being Seren back. You will need to gather several crystal shards to complete this task. In the end, she will explain her relationship with Zaros, her brother, and appoint you the Champion of Prifddinas.
  • Children of Mah - She will save you from falling down a lava "waterfall" before explaining the situation to you and asking you to help.
  • Sliske's Endgame - Seren is one of several participants invited to Sliske's Labyrinth.
  • Desperate Times - Speak to Seren to begin and end this quest.
  • Desperate Measures - Speak to Seren to begin and end this quest.

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