Examine Information:
A somewhat twitchy man who is fascinated by kami spirit folklore.
Miscellaneous Information:
Sensei Seaworth plays the following roles in these quests:
  • Tuai Leit's Own, Sensi Seaworth suggests that Ekahi's problem may be mystical and directs you to Sojobo.
  • Curse of the Black Stone, he tells you the final step about where to meet the Jade Spider.
He is interested in the kami found upon the islands. If you find one of each kind and report back to Sensei Seaworth, he will reward you for your efforts.

Sensei Seaworth also buys and sells kami in jars. His store includes:
Oily bakami jar Bundling bakami jar Salty bakami jar Stalking bakami jar
Foraging bakami jar Ancestral bakami jar Murderous bakami jar Fortunate bakami jar
Oily orokami jar Bundling orokami jar Salty orokami jar Stalking orokami jar
Foraging orokami jar Ancestral orokami jar Murderous orokami jar Fortunate orokami jar

Spirited Away

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