Examine Information:
Proprietor of Seiglinde's Warhammers.
Miscellaneous Information:
Before Birthright of the Dwarves, a dwarf named Vigr runs Vigr's Warhammers. After the quest, if the player chooses to have Vigr executed or exhiled for his association with the Red Axe, Seiglinde takes the shop, renaming it Seiglinde's Warhammers. After the quest regardless of what happens to Vigr, the shop starts selling Dragon Warhammers and Off-Hand Dragon Warhammers.

Bronze Warhammer Off-Hand Bronze Warhammer Iron Warhammer Off-Hand Iron Warhammer
Steel Warhammer Off-Hand Steel Warhammer Black Warhammer Off-Hand Black Warhammer
Mithril Warhammer Off-Hand Mithril Warhammer Adamant Warhammer Off-Hand Adamant Warhammer
Dragon Warhammer Off-Hand Dragon Warhammer

Seiglinde's Warhammers

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