Examine Information:
(current) Umi's twin sister, and a full-blown seasinger.
(May) A seasinger who recently arrived in port. Meg has introduced her to adventuring while she's busy with her private investigation business.
Miscellaneous Information:
For the month of May (2016), Seasinger Jemi took on Meg's usual place and made it her own. During the month you could answer three weekly questions asked by Jemi, and help her on her adventures; and after the week was over(reset on Wednesdays) you would receive a portion of her adventuring rewards. Depending on what you advise her, your rewards can be greater for good advise, and not so great for poor advise.

For the Tales of the Arc miniquest series, Jemi becomes your Navigator after her sister Seasinger Umi advises you to talk to her. She then becomes known as Navigator Jemi.

This Data was submitted by: Sumurai8 and ChathMurrpau.

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