It's Snow Bother
Examine Information:
He knows if you've been naughty or nice. (2004)
A jolly distributor of presents. (2008/2009/2013/2014/2016)
He knows if you've been naughty or nice. (2008/2009/2013/2014/2016)
He knows all his presents inside-out. Especially the one he was just in. (2008/2009/2013/2014/2016)
Christmas wouldn't be the same without him. (2008/2009/2013/2014/2016)
He knows all his presents inside-out. Especially the one he was just in. (2015)
He's a self-proclaimed Sleigher Master. (2017/2018/2019)
Ho-ho-ho! (2023)
The big man himself! (2023)
Miscellaneous Information:
Santa Claus, AKA Nicklaus, has made an appearance in Gielinor several times throughout the years for Christmas Events.


Talking to Santa he would give you a Yo-yo. If lost, you could reclaim a new one from him. Once he left Gielinor, a new one could be obtained from Diango.


Called a "Hooded stranger", you were asked to deliver a box of baubles to him at the gate East of Taverley.


During the event, Jack Frost, his son, froze him and you were required to defrost him by setting several fires around the sleigh. Once he was freed, you were rewarded with the 4 pieces of the Santa suit.


During this event, he wass kidnapped and caged by Ebenezer Scourge. To free him, you had to wear the Ghost costume to scare Ebenezer Scourge into thinking you were the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.


For this event, Santa attempted to bring Christmas to the Fremennik as Thorvar Crittersmash. Unfortunately, he will leave various items due to being attacked by creatures and your job is to help collect them.


Santa is once again kidnapped, though this time by San'tar Klaws. During the event you completed activities to earn Naughty or Nice points and eventually freed Santa.


For this event, Santa required help in constructing and pulling a giant Christmas cracker.


This year, he disappeared with his wife (the Queen of Snow) and his son (Jack Frost) which had the snow imps all in a tizzy trying to find them. Your job was to help locate them and save Christmas


For 2016, we got a flashback of previous years. You stepped into various wardrobes and were taken back to old Holiday events from 2007, 2010, and 2011.


During this event, you had to help locate presents for the Queen of Snow which were accidentally distributed across Gielinor.


This event welcomed in the new Seasonal quest - It's Snow Bother. Additionally, you were able to earn Christmas Spirit and Nice List entries in order to try and obtain the Purple santa hat and the Black party hat as well as several scarves and hats.

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