Examine Information:
(Before the Beach Party) Reyna is looking for help in setting up her beach party.
(During the Beach Party) Reyna is enjoying the beach party festivities
Miscellaneous Information:
In 2015, you could bring Reyna up to 24 Buckets of sand daily. For every 8 she was given you would receive a Mystery box; maximum of 3 per day. After a few days, when the beach was ready, you could receive a Big mystery box for every small one you opened the few days before.

In 2016, Reyna is once again looking for sand. This time you can bring her 20 Buckets of sand daily to receive a Mystery box. If you brought her all of the sand each day, she would reward you with a Big mystery box when the beach opened.

Reyna is only present during part of the year.

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