Examine Information:
Reldo the librarian.
Miscellaneous Information:
You can talk him, Rat Burgiss, or Vannaka to start the Varrock Achievements. He will reward you with the Varrock armour 2 after you have completed all the Medium tasks.

Reldo plays a part in several quests.
  • Shield of Arrav - Reldo is the start point for this quest and will help you find out a little about the two gangs in Varrock.
  • Lost Tribe - You will need to show Reldo the broach; he will the tell you to search for a book in the library.
  • The Knight's Sword - You will need to talk to Reldo about Imcando Dwarves.
  • Defender of Varrock - Reldo will help you discover the list of elders from the Varrock Census.
  • A Tail of Two Cats - He will give you information about Robert the Strong.
  • Dimension of Disaster - You can talk to Reldo to find out how to free Arrav in this alternate timeline.
  • While Guthix Sleeps - Reldo tells you background information about Movario and advises you how to best go about finding him.
  • You Are It - Reldo will tell you about your Mysterious clue scroll before signing it to help you progress to the next step.
  • Desperate Times - You will find out that he is not who he seems to be.

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