Examine Information:
A local villager of Mort'ton.
Miscellaneous Information:
Razmire Keelgan runs the Mort'ton General Store, but to talk to him and access the store you'll need to first cure Afflicted Razmire temporarily with Serum 207 or permanently with Serum 208.

Once he has been cured, you can access his General Store which stocks some typical General Store items, as well as items which can be used to rebuild the temple to the northeast of Mort'ton, including Olive oil (3), Vials of water, Pots of flour, and Flamtaer hammers.

Razmire's General Store

In addition to the General Store, Razmire also runs a Builders' Supplies Store which stocks more items used to rebuild the temple, including Limestone, Limestone bricks, Timber beams, Swamp paste, and Planks.

Razmire's Builders' Merchants

During Shades Of Mort'ton you'll need to kill 5 Loar shades and bring him the remains, then later tell you about rebuilding the temple near the village.

After completing the Medium Morytania Task Set, you can claim 30 Planks, 20 Oak planks, or 10 Teak planks from him per day.

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