Examine Information:
A traveling merchant.
Miscellaneous Information:
Rasolo is a traveling merchant who sells a wide variety of items obtained during his travels around Gielinor, including Spinach rolls, Cocktail guides, Blue hats, Dragon daggers, Off-hand dragon daggers, Newcomer maps, Bailing buckets, Swamp paste, Poison, Papyrus, Machetes, Holy moulds, Sickle moulds, Waterskins (4), Desert boots, Toy horseys, Sample bottles, Grey boots, Greenman's ale, Fremennik cloaks, Kegs of beer, Flamtaer hammers, Olive oil (3), Limestone bricks, and Instruction manuals.

Rasolo's Shop

During Desert Treasure you must obtain a Ring of visibility from him in order to kill Damis, but in exchange for the ring you'll need to first steal a Gilded cross for him from the Bandit Camp in the desert.

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