Examine Information:
A master of logistics.
Miscellaneous Information:
The Quartermaster is the NPC that gives access to the citadel interface, although it can also be accessed using the interface button next to the minimap. Clan rings (initially called uncharged ring) can be collected from the Quartermaster once clanmates have contributed enough resources to the storehouse

PLEASE NOTE: He cannot be accessed by people who do not have permission to enter the Keep, thus allowing clan leaders to set which ranks can claim the clan rings.

'Talk-to' allows access to the below via dialogue with the Quartermaster.
'Job-list' shows the current allocation of resources to upkeep jobs and upgrades. These can be added, changed or deleted by those with citadel editing privileges.
'Move-tick' allows the build tick to be moved to a more convenient time.
'Claim-ring' is for claiming a clan ring after contributing sufficiently to the citadel each week.

This Data was submitted by: Vane.

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