Examine Information:
Host of the Bucking Baroo and seller of Yak items.
Has a baroo-tiful mind.
Miscellaneous Information:
During the Spring Farye event, Prezleek hosts the Bucking Baroo activity. Here you will ride an automated yak that will attempt to buck you from its back. To do this activity you will need to lean the direction that the yak is spinning (changed with arrows on the screen). Failing to adjust your direction fast enough will cause you to fall from the yak and need to climb back on.
You are not allowed to have any followers when participating in this activity. At level 99, it will earn you up to about 78,000 Defence experience per hour during Happy hour and about 71,000 experience for all other hours.

Prezleek also sold the Yak balloon token and Yak plushie token during the event.

At the Manor Farm, Prezleek is a Large pen buyer who specifically wishes to purchase your yaks. He will purchase up to 6 for a varying amount of beans. The base value is dependent upon the animal's age and are as follows:
Age Beans
Baby 150
Adolescent 750
Adult 638
Elder 525
Note that the actual value obtained will vary depending on several other factors. From lowest to highest, these include:
  • -10% - Nice but Dim trait
  • -05% - Surly trait
  • -02% - Limited Effency trait
  • +02% - Lucky trait
  • +05% - Unlucky for Some trait
  • +05% - Animal farmer outfit
  • +10% - Master farmer outfit
  • +10% - Fortunate trait
  • +10% - Buyer's desired breed
  • +10% - Buyer's desired trait
  • +25% - Buyer's desired breed and trait
  • +52% - Highest possible bonus - Lucky, Unlucky for Some, and Fortunate traits + Master farmer outfit + desired breed and trait

Note that you will not ALWAYS find this NPC at their Player-Owned Farm location. They will need to be your current buyer for that size pen and you must have not sold them their max amount of critters.

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