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Posts things.
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Postie Pete will help you start both quests when ready. To begin them, you will need to try to enter your Player-Owned House. He will stop you just outside to deliver a letter for the appropriate quest. He will be outside the portal to the Land of Snow as the start point for Violet Is Blue Too.

He pops up in random places asking NPCs questions while delivering Letters from the Hedge.

Pete also hosts the Parcels From the Hedge members-only month long event. During such months, players have a chance while skilling to obtain Fan mail, Small parcels, Medium parcels, Large parcels, and Huge parcels. Logging in once per day also will grant the player a random parcel, which counts towards the player's “daily parcel” count (see below). Opening them will give the player Postage stamps, which functions as a currency and thus can be added to the currency pouch. Clicking postage stamps provides an option to open a shop menu, but players can only purchase items through it while at a bank.

Postie Pete Parcel Shop

Lost Property (Light) Lost Property (Heavy) Lost Property (Bulky) Lost Property (Weighty)
Unclaimed Parcel* Unclaimed Larger Parcel**

*Unclaimed Parcels will always be either a small parcel or a medium parcel.
**Like with the lost property items, after you claim a Larger Unclaimed Parcel, you cannot claim another. They can be a parcel of any size, small, medium, large, or huge.

Claiming lost property of any weight requires the player to have logged in to obtain a certain number of daily parcels, which is tracked in the bottom left of the shop. Claiming lost property does not reduce the number of daily parcels, allowing players to claim all four potential pieces of lost property. In addition, the collection of postage stamps obtained throughout the event allows players to purchase any number of unclaimed parcels for 10 postage stamps each, and a single larger unclaimed parcel for the cost of 200 postage stamps. The unclaimed parcels are generally small parcels, but have a chance to be any size. The larger unclaimed parcels have a significantly greater chance of being larger sizes.

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