Examine Information:
The brave and magnificent Ozan, who writes his own descriptions.
Miscellaneous Information:
In the Development Diary "Who are the Signature Heroes?", he was announced as one of the seven Signature Heroes.

In addition to his roaming locations, Ozan has several fixed locations depending on your Quest progress, these include:
Ozan plays the following roles in these quests:
  • Stolen Hearts - Quest starting point, he is concerned for a friend and requests assistance in finding out exactly what trouble he is in.
  • Diamond in the Rough - You and Ozan are responsible for helping to rescue the prince.
  • The Jack of Spades - You discover that he is masquerading as the Jack Of Spades.
  • 'Phite Club - He refuses to be taken captive for his crimes as the Jack of Spades and instead offers his mask to make it appear that he has been dealt with.

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