Examine Information:
Spymaster of Al Kharid.
He looks a little shifty.
The new Pharaoh of Menaphos.
Miscellaneous Information:
Osman plays the following roles in these quests:
  • Stolen Hearts - He is in a cutscene with the current Emir telling him that his son has been kidnapped and he later catches you stealing the Kharid-ib.
  • Diamond in the Rough - Quest start contact, he will request that you steal the real Kharid-ib diamond.
  • Contact! - You will help him and his contact in Sophanem
  • The Jack of Spades - He is spoken to at the beginning of the quest to discuss if you should be spying in Menaphos or not.
  • Crocodile Tears - He is in a cutscene with Senliten and his daughter, Leela, discussing how to best deal with the current issues.
  • Our Man in the North - You give him a book about the Senliten bloodline and he is exiled from the city for some of his shady dealings.
  • 'Phite Club - He uses your help to lead a coup for the Menophite throne.
  • Desperate Times - He can be spoken to when looking for a place to plant the garden for Bix. He will offer an area in the desert.

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