Examine Information:
That's a lot of bones on his back...
Miscellaneous Information:
While carrying a strange mumbling sack of bones, the Odd Old Man plays a part in several quests.

Rag and Bone Man: He is the start and finish point for the quest. During this quest you will be asked to find and prepare several bones for him.

Fur 'n' Seek: Once again, the Odd Old Man is the start and finish point of the quest. For this quest, however, you will have to find and prepare several hides.
Once this quest is over, you can do a second "part" of this quest to create the Skeletal Horror that you can fight once a week to gain Slayer experience, Prayer experience, and an elite clue scroll.

Missing, Presumed Death: The Odd Old Man has witnessed Monks being attacked, and you have to convince him to tell you about it.

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