Examine Information:
An old sailor.
Miscellaneous Information:
Ned is an old sailor who can make Rope for you if you bring him 4 Balls of wool and pay him 15gp, although you'll find out during The Fremennik Isles that he buys it from Jofridr Mordstatter rather than making it himself and will bribe you with a free length of rope to keep his secret.

During Dragon Slayer you will ask Ned to captain your ship, the Lady Lumbridge to Crandor and he can be found on the island next to the wrecked ship after the quest.

Upon completion of the Medium Lumbridge and Draynor Task Set, you can talk to Ned to obtain an Explorer's ring 3 and a lamp that provides 1,500 experience. After completing the Hard Task set, you can talk to him again to obtain an Explorer's ring 4 and a lamp that provides 9,000 experience.

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