Examine Information:
A collector of ancient artefacts.
Miscellaneous Information:
Nastroth is the brother of Mandrith, and like his brother, he will purchase artifacts from you; though he will not buy them if they are noted. And he will not buy any armor or weapons that you obtain nor does he sell any rewards.

It is also possible to obtain a skill reset in Defence OR Constitution and Prayer. Be aware that this can only be performed ONCE and after it has been done, it is NOT reversible; you will need to train to improve your level(s).

To be able to make the request, you must not have any items equipped or within your inventory. He also requires a bank pin and a seven day grace period, regardless of whether you have an attached authenticator. Depending on which Skill(s) you are resetting, you must also have a minimum of specific levels, these levels are as follows:
  • Defence: level 10+ in
    • Attack
    • Strength
    • Magic
    • Ranged
  • Constitution and Prayer: level 5 or lower in
    • Attack
    • Strength
    • Defence

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