Examine Information:
Professor of Unnatural History.
Miscellaneous Information:
Mr. Mordaut is a retired random event character that is now found in his new office under the stairs in the basement of the Varrock Museum. He is the head of the Unnatural History Department in the museum.

Talking to him about dragonkin you can tell him information about things you've done around RuneScape that involve dragonkin. This includes: completing the quests A Tail of Two Cats and Ritual of the Mahjarrat and killing both the King Black Dragon and Queen Black Dragon (and receiving the First dragonkin journal). Telling him about these things will earn you kudos with the museum.

Mr. Mordaut plays the following roles in these quests:
  • One of a Kind, he is the starting point. He will also sell you the Dragon Rider amulet for 500,000 coins if lost or destroyed.
  • Curse of the Black Stone, he is sought out for information at several points within the quest.

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