Examine Information:
A Wilderness fighter of massive repute.
Miscellaneous Information:
Speak to him to obtain a Wildstalker helmet, which keeps track of your kills in the Wilderness.

You can also ask him to skull you. Doing so is an easy task requirement for the Wildnerness Task set.

Hardcore ironman/woman can buy a Jar of divine light for 100,000 coins to remove their hardcore status. Alternatively, if you wish to keep your hardcore status, you may put it in you bank. In the instance that you die, you will be turned into a regular ironman/woman.

He also sells up to two divine coins(note these are not kept in your bank or inventory). These act as another life for hardcore ironman/woman in the case that you die. However, you must have 1000 total level and pay 100,000 coins for the first coin. The second requires 1600 total level and 10 million coins.

Regular ironman/woman accounts can buy a Book of diplomacy for 50,000 coins. Reading this book will remove your ironman status(after a 1 week delay). You also have the option to tell him to never sell you this item, effectively making it impossible to ever remove your ironman status.

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