Examine Information:
He looks a bit creepy.
Miscellaneous Information:
Morvran is the Prifddinas Slayer Master. 85 Slayer and at least 120 Combat are required to to be a assigned a task by him, making him the highest-level Slayer Master available. You can also talk to him to play the Rush of Blood Distraction and Diversion.

During the Elven Civil War he served his uncle, the now deceased former Lord Iorwerth, as the Iorwerth clan's Head of Intelligence, as well as been in charge of interrogation and assassinations. In fact, you witness him assassinate Idris towards the beginning of Regicide.

After the Civil War was brought to an end, he left Tirranwn to travel and eventually met Kuradal who shared her knowledge with him and convinced him to become a Slayer Master.

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