Examine Information:
Rumour has it she is also known as Swagatha.
Miscellaneous Information:
Going by the alias "Megatha Christie" during the month of May (2016), Meg worked on solving various cases throughout RuneScape.

The rest of the time, Meg is an aspiring adventurer. She longs to become a full fledged adventurer, but she needs your help. Every week you can answer three questions Meg has to help her on her adventures; and after the week is over(reset on Wednesdays) Meg will give you a portion of her adventuring rewards. Depending on what you advise her, your rewards can be greater for good advise, and not so great for poor advise.

Note: Player owned ports are also accessible from Prifddinas, North East of the lodestone.

This Data was submitted by: Sumurai8 and ChathMurrpau

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