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He looks dangerous!
Miscellaneous Information:
Mazchna is the Canifis Slayer Mater. At least 20 Combat is required to obtain a Slayer task from him.

Mazchna plays a small role in While Guthix Sleeps when you'll recruit him along with a several other heroes to help capture Lucien. When this plan fails, he and the other heroes will attempt to save you, resulting in a battle in which 6 of the 8 heroes are killed by Lucien, with Mazchna being one of the two survivors. During the quest he is replaced as a Slayer Master by Achtryn.

Slayer Assignments:

Assignments Location(s) # Assigned % Chance of task
Banshees Slayer Tower, Desert Slayer Dungeon 40-70 6.06%
Bats Coal Trucks Mine, Keep la Faye, Taverley Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Bears Lumbridge, Varrock, North of Falador, Ardougne Mine 40-70 3.03%
Catablepon Stronghold of Security 40-70 3.03%
Cave crawlers Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 40-70 6.06%
Cave slime Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Cockatrice Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 40-70 6.06%
Crawling hands Slayer Tower, Meiyerditch Dungeon 40-70 6.06%
Cyclops Warriors' Guild, God Wars Dungeon 30-60 3.03%
Desert lizards Kharidian Desert 40-70 3.03%
Dogs McGrubors Woods, Brimhaven Dungeon, East Ardougne 40-70 3.03%
Flesh Crawlers Stronghold of Security 40-70 3.03%
Ghouls Canifis graveyard 40-70 3.03%
Ghosts Draynor Village, Taverley Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Grotworms Grotworm Lair 20-40 3.03%
Hill giants Edgeville Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Hobgoblins Edgeville Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Ice warriors Asgarnian Ice Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Kalphites Kalphite Hive, Exiled Kalphite Hive 40-70 3.03%
Mogres Mudskipper Point 40-70 3.03%
Pyrefiends Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 40-70 6.06%
Rockslugs Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon 40-70 4.55%
Skeletons Edgeville Dungeon 40-70 3.03%
Vampyres Haunted woods East of Canifis 40-70 3.03%
Wall Beasts Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon 10-20 4.55%
Wolves North of Khazard Battlefield, White Wolf Mountain, Rellekka, East Ardougne Zoo 40-70 3.03%
Zombies Tree Gnome Village (dungeon),Entrana (dungeon), Edgeville Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels, Graveyard of Shadows (level 20 wilderness), Stronghold of Security (second floor), Varrock Sewers (level 13, level 18, and level 24), Wizards' Guild, Draynor Sewer, Lair of Tarn Razorlor (dungeon) 40-70 3.03%

The percents listed in the table are the base values. Blocking a creature will remove it and thus increase the odds for all other creatures. Preferring a creature task will double the chance for that creature.

Points Awarded:

Points are awarded by each Slayer Master upon completion of a task (note that you will only receive half of the full points reward until you have completed Smoking Kills).
Points Per
Points Per
10th Task
Points Per
50th Task
Co-Op Points Per
Co-Op Task
1 5 15 2

Slayer Challenge:


Mazchna wants you to investigate the Fairy Rings around Morytania and contact him via your Slayer gem when you're at each one. At the C-K-S ring East of Canifis, you'll have to kill a Ravenous goul (Level 70) after contacting him; at A-L-Q in the Haunted Woods, you'll have to kill a Ravenous vampyre (Level 91); and at B-K-R in Mort Myre you'll have to kill a Ravenous snail (Level 49).

Reward: 2,000 Slayer experience and 3 Slayer Points.

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