Examine Information:
A master at gardening.
Miscellaneous Information:
Martin is the master of Farming and will sell you the Farming Cape and Farming Hood for 99,000gp when you've achieved level 99. He will also sell the Farming master cape for 120,000gp to players who have obtained at least 104,273,167 Farming experience, the equivalent of level 120.

Martin features throughout the Fairy Tale quest series as you must help him solve the problem of why his crops aren't growing, which turns out to be related to the fairies.

During Bringing Home the Bacon, you must identify the person that has been pickpocketing Martin in return for one his giant pig, Pigzilla's piglets.

Martin counts as a Master Farmer and can be pickpocketed at level 38 Thieving for various seeds and 43 experience per successful pickpocket.

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