Examine Information:
A collector of ancient artefacts.
Miscellaneous Information:
He could teach you about PvP and bounty worlds before they were mostly removed from the game, as well as buy artifacts obtained as drops from Forinthry Dungeon inhabitants. Now only 2 Bounty worlds remain (97 [f2p] and 106 [p2p]) for the purpose of the Bounty Hunter minigame.

He will still buy artifacts from you; though he will not buy them if they are noted. However, he will not buy any armor or weapons that you obtain.

Mandrith now also runs the Reward shops for Bounty Hunter and Deathmatch.

Deathmatch Miscellaneous:
Wilderness slayer xp enhancer Small rune pouch Ancient teleport tablets Revenant drop enhancer
Ogre flask Preserved meat Deathmatch title Deathmatch taunt
Bounty Hunter teleport spell

Deathmatch Misc

Deathmatch Gear:
Superior rock-shell armour set Superior spined armour set Superior skeletal armour set Supreme hunter's helm
Corrupt rogue gloves Nasty rogue gloves Malicious rogue gloves Loathsome rogue gloves
Atrocious rogue gloves

Deathmatch Gear

Bounty Hunter Miscellaneous:
Wilderness hilt Large rune pouch Adrenaline crystal Ancient warriors' equipment patch
Revenant pet

Bounty Hunter Misc

Bounty Hunter Gear:
Random brawling gloves Annihilation Decimation Obliteration
Amulet of the Forsaken

Bounty Hunter Gear

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