Examine Information:
A master of necromancy!
Miscellaneous Information:
Quest Basics:
  • A Fairy Tale: If you retrieve a skull for him, specifically from Draynor Manor, he will tell you how to make magic secateurs. After the quest, before Fairy Tale III, he will return the Magic secateurs to you for 40k Coins.
  • Swan Song: He will help you acquire Bone seeds.
  • Necromancy!: He becomes your Necromancy tutor.
  • Rune Mythos: He will teach you about how Runecrafting and Necromancy work together.
He is surrounded by 1 wizard of each element (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth). Occasionally, he will summon a skeleton, skeleton mage, or ghost OR will try to raise the dead which he can fail to do, creating fungus instead.

If you manage to annoy him, he will turn you into a mushroom temporarily.

When completing Treasure Trails, you will need to go to him if you get the anagram 'Reign us if immortal'.

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