Examine Information:
This elf has the otherworldly air of summoned creature.
Miscellaneous Information:
Lord Amlodd is the leader of Clan Amlodd and you can talk to him to learn more about himself and his clan.

During Plague's End you must infuse an Amlodd pouch using an Amlodd charm, Gold charm, Green charm, Blue charm, Crimson charm, Pouch and 200 Spirit shards, and use it to summon Lord Amlodd so that he can join the other clan lords and ladies in re-growing Prifddinas.

You can use Lord Amlodd as an alternative to Bogrog for swapping Summoning pouches for 70% of the Spirit shards used to infuse them. He will also swap Summoning scrolls for 30% of the shards used to infuse the original pouch. To swap your pouches or scrolls requires a minimum of 21 Summoning and varies depending on the pouch/scroll. After completing the Hard Tirannwn Tasks, he will give you 10% more Spirit shards.

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