Examine Information:
A Thieves' Guild trainer.
Miscellaneous Information:
To use the locks and traps he teaches you about as a training method, you will need: When you have met these requirements, you will be able to learn how to pick the locks on chests and safely set off traps remotely. Successfully cracking the wall safes will earn you 1 Hanky Point each, opening the Northern practice chests also earns 1 Hanky Point each, and the Southern practice chests will earn 4 Hanky Points.

You can also ask him about how many Hanky Points you have and exchange them for Thieving experience. The total number of Hanky Points you can obtain each week depends upon your Thieving level (44-84 maximum).
Level Range Max Hanky Points Per Week
9-17 44
18-26 48
27-35 52
36-44 56
45-53 60
54-62 64
63-71 68
72-80 72
81-89 76
90-98 80
99 84

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