Examine Information:
She comes from Al Kharid.
An agent of Al Kharid.
Who is this mysterious woman?
Miscellaneous Information:
Leela plays the following roles in these quests:
  • Stolen Hearts - Helps you find who kidnapped Prince Ali.
  • Diamonds in the Rough - She will save you and Ozan, as well as fix a sundial for you.
  • Missing My Mummy - Quest start point, she asks you to restore Senliten.
  • Do No Evil - Quest start point, she asks you to join her in paying homage to the Pharaoh Queen you restored.
  • Crocodile Tears - She is with Senliten, discussing what can be done about the current crocodile problems and is part of a cutscene at the end.
  • Our Man in the North - You will discover that she is a decedent of Senliten.

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