Examine Information:
The keeper of the secrets of the Seasons.
Miscellaneous Information:
Lady Niya can combine 600 Fallen leaves, 600 Charred branches, 600 Flourishing seeds, and/or 600 Lush blossoms to create the individual Seasonal items which can be combined into the full Seasonal items: (in 2014) Cloak of Seasons, (2015) Pet of Seasons, or (2016) Armour of Seasons. Below are the individual items that can be created.

Fallen Leaves: 2014 Cloak of Autumn, 2015 Pet of Autumn, 2016 Outfit of Autumn (Boots of Autumn, Bottoms of Autumn, Chest of Autumn, and Gloves of Autumn)

Charred Branches: 2014 Cloak of Winter, 2015 Pet of Winter, 2016 Outfit of Winter (Boots of Winter, Bottoms of Winter, Chest of Winter, and Gloves of Winter)

Flourishing Seeds: 2014 Cloak of Spring, 2015 Pet of Spring, 2016 Outfit of Spring (Boots of Spring, Bottoms of Spring, Chest of Spring, and Gloves of Spring)

Lush Blossoms: 2014 Cloak of Summer, 2015 Pet of Summer, 2016 Outfit of Summer (Boots of Summer, Bottoms of Summer, Chest of Summer, and Gloves of Summer)

If you do not have enough of any of the pieces to create an item, you can trade Lady Niya for experience in skills; 5 experience per piece. Leaves become Farming experience, Branches become Firemaking experience, Seeds become Herblore experience, and Blossoms become Woodcutting experience.

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