Examine Information:
Kelyn from Lletya has become the new Lady Ithell.
Miscellaneous Information:
Lady Ithell is the leader of Clan Ithell and you can talk to her to learn more about herself and her clan. You can also have her to make you a Crystal pickaxe or Crystal hatchet by bringing her 4,000 Harmonic dust and a Dragon pickaxe or Dragon hatchet. Note that she is able to take these from your toolbelt.

If you ask her if there's anything else you can do for her, she'll ask you to bring her one of each type of normal and attuned crystal seed (weapon, tool and armour) so that she can study them, as well as one of each piece of magic crystal equipment (staff, wand, orb and ward) in return for a lamp awarding 50,000 Magic experience. Helping her with this is a requirement for the Completionist cape.

During Plague's End you will find the plans for and construct an Ithell statue in Lletya and upon seeing this statue, Kelyn will gain some of the knowledge and memories of the previous Lady Ithell and become the new leader of Clan Ithell herself, enabling her to join the other clan leaders in re-growing Prifddinas

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