Examine Information:
Varrock's resident monarch.
Miscellaneous Information:
King Roald participates in several quests.
  • Defender of Varrock - King Roald is one of the descendants of the elders.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale - You are advised to talk to him at a couple points within the quest.
  • Garden of Tranquility - Once Queen Ellamaria's plants are grown, you must lead King Roald to the garden.
  • Shield of Arrav - Speak to Kind Roald to give him the certificate in order to claim your reward at the end of the quest.
  • What Lies Below - You will need to fight King Roald.
  • Priest in Peril - Talk to King Roald to begin this quest, you will also have to talk to him during the quest to update him about Drezel.
  • All Fired up - Talk to King Roald to begin and end the quest.
  • Desperate Times - You can speak with him about the garden that is to be built for Bix. He will offer to supply seeds for the project.
Once you have completed All Fired Up, you will have access to the Beacon Network. Here you can get several rewards from Kind Roald for keeping a certain number of beacons lit.
  • 6 beacons lit at the same time, he will reward you with a Ring of fire
  • 10 beacons lit at the same time, he will reward you with Flame gloves
  • All 14 beacons lit at the same time, he will reward you with an Inferno adze

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