Examine Information:
An empowered woman.
Miscellaneous Information:
Shield of Arrav: If wanting to join the Black Arm Gang, give her two Phoenix crossbows. However, you must find another player trying to complete this quest. This player must be from the Phoenix Gang in order for you both to complete the quest. (Check the RuneHQ Forums to find a partner. They must have NOT completed this quest yet.)

Heroes' Quest: Katrine will give you the Thieves' armband after you have stolen Pete's candlesticks. (You will once again need a partner to complete this, use the same forum as above. This time it is possible to have a partner who has completed the quest.)

Dimension of Disaster: If you choose to join the Black Arm Gang in New Varrock, you must bring her left Black arm back from Jonny the Beard.

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