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Preach, my brother!
Miscellaneous Information:
Jex is a priest of Icthlarin, the Menaphite god of the dead, and also a worshiper of the the lesser gods of the Menaphite Pantheon: Apmeken, Het, Crondis, and Scabaras. As with most citizens of Sophanem, he is afflicted with the plague brought upon the city by the goddess Amascut.

Jex plays the following roles in these quests:
  • Contact! - You must talk to him to learn how to access the dungeon beneath his ruined temple.
  • Do No Evil - You must speak to him to learn more about Apmeken, as well as Het, Crondis, and Scabaras, if desired.
  • Crocodile Tears - You will ask him more about Crondis.

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