Examine Information:
An apprentice slayer master under the tutelage of Turael.
Miscellaneous Information:
She is the apprentice of Turael and assigns Slayer tasks for Monsters that can be found in and around Lumbridge. Note that the list below will only give locations from around Lumbridge, but you are NOT required to kill local monsters.

Slayer Assignments:

Assignments Location(s) # Assigned % Chance of task
Bats Lumbridge Catacombs 15-30
Birds (Chicken and Duck) Chicken coop, East of the river; Fred the Farmer's house North of the city; along the river
Cave bugs Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon
Cave slime Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon
Cows Cow pens, East of the river and North West of Fred the Farmer's house
Frogs Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, Lumbridge Swamp
Ghosts Draynor Manor
Goblins East of the river
Rat Castle, Lumbridge Swamp; Lumbridge Catacombs
Skeletons Lumbridge Catacombs
Spiders Lumbridge Swamp
Zombies Lumbridge Catacombs

The percents listed in the table are the base values. Blocking a creature will remove it and thus increase the odds for all other creatures. Preferring a creature task will double the chance for that creature.

Slayer Challenge:

Kill Dragith nurn in the Lumbridge Catacombs.
Reward: 1,000 Slayer experience and 5 Points

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