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Irwinsson is involved in 2 Anachronia Achievements.
  1. A New Direction
    You will need to obtain the Broken compass located in the backpack on the Western shore of the island, near the Shipwreck. If you show it to him, he will beg you to repair it. While skinning Big Game Hunter creatures, you will locate the Compass arrow necessary to repair the item into an Engraved compass. Once repaired, take the item to Irwinsson and he will reward you with 25 Hunter marks.
  2. Father and Son
    Speak with Irwinsson and ask him to tell you about himself. You will learn that Sigli the Huntsman is his father and he wishes that you would go speak to Sigli for him. Travel to Rellekka and speak to Sigli near the gate. He will give you Irwinsson's greatbow which you will now need to return to Irwinsson.
Irwinsson has access to 2 stores: A normal Hunter shop and a specialty shop which uses Hunter marks to purchase items. Please see the images and lists below for the items each shop supplies.

Irwinsson's Hunter Store:

Butterfly net Butterfly jar Magic box Noose wand
Bird snare Box trap Teasing stick Unlit torch
Rabbit snare Marasamaw plant

Irwinsson's Hunter Supplies

Hunter Mark Shop:

Quick traps Dinosaur lure Frog repellent Ranked 'Baiter' title
Elite trapper outfit blueprints Medium hunter lamp Medium slayer lamp Dinosaur egg*

Hunter Mark Shop

*Purchasing a dinosaur egg will give the player a random dinosaur egg for the Ranch Out of Time that can be obtained via Big Game Hunter or killing other dinosaurs on Anachronia that have a Slayer lever requirement.

Ranch Out of Time:

Irwinsson is a large pen buyer who specifically wishes to purchase your pavosaurus rexes. He will purchase up to 6 for a varying amount of beans. The base value is dependent upon the animal's age and are as follows:
Age Beans
Egg 360
Baby 720
Adolescent 3,600
Adult 3,060
Elder 2,520
The number of beans obtained can also be modified by several other factors. From lowest to highest, these include:
  • -10% - Nice but Dim trait
  • -05% - Surly trait
  • -02% - Limited Effency trait
  • +02% - Lucky trait
  • +05% - Unlucky for Some trait
  • +05% - Animal farmer outfit
  • +10% - Master farmer outfit
  • +10% - Fortunate trait
  • +10% - Buyer's desired breed
  • +10% - Buyer's desired trait
  • +25% - Buyer's desired breed and trait
  • +52% - Highest possible bonus - Lucky, Unlucky for Some, and Fortunate traits + Master farmer outfit + desired breed and trait

Note that you will not ALWAYS find this NPC at their Ranch Out of Time location. They will need to be your current buyer for that size pen and you must have not sold them their max amount of critters.

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