Examine Information:
An old woman busily knitting.
Miscellaneous Information:
Iffie runs a costume shop which stocks costumes that were previously obtained through the now discontinued Random Events.
These include:
Camo top Camo helmit Camo bottom Frog mask
Prince tunic Prince leggings Princess blouse Princess skirt
Lederhosen hat Lederhosen top Lederhosen shorts Mime mask
Mime top Mime legs Mime gloves Mime boots
Zombie mask Zombie shirt Zombie trousers Zombie gloves
Zombie boots

Iffie's Random Costume Shop

Players who have logged into RuneScape Classic at least once can also buy a Classic Cape and Classic hood from her for 50,000 gold coins.

This Data was submitted by: Theekid2001, Atod1, Zidane3838, and Javezz.

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