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A thoughtful Iorwerth archaeologist.
Miscellaneous Information:
Iestin Edern is a member of the Iorwerth Clan and an archaeologist who has been tasked by Lord Iorwerth with finding away to re-grow Prifddinas from the giant crystal seed stored in the Grand Library, however he does not know what Iorwerth's true plans are for the city or his desire to bring back the Dark Lord.

Iestin is first mentioned in a journal obtained from the body of his brother, Nissyen outside the Temple of Light during Mourning's Ends Part II in which he writes that Iestin has found the location of the Grand Library in the under-city.

You first meet Iestin during Plague's End in which he fill ask you to deliver a report to the Mayor of Prifddinas. Later in the quest you will obtain the Iorwerth master plan and once you have given this to Iestin, he will tell you that the only way to stop Iorwerth from bringing back the Dark Lord is to re-grow Prifddinas yourself with the help of the eight elven clan elders.

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