Examine Information:
It's another jolly tree gnome.
Miscellaneous Information:
Grand Tree Groceries sells almost everything you need for gnome cooking: Gianne dough, equa leaves, flour, gnome spice; onion, potato, cabbage, tomato and cheese; lime, orange, lemon and pineapple; dwellberries; cocktail shaker (for gnome bartending); chocolate bar, chocolate dust, cream, and milk; knife and Gianne's cookbook.

The only other gnome cooking ingredients, king worms and swamp toad legs, can be found in the swamp northwest of the Grand Tree, or in Taverley.

There is also a gnome bartending store on the southeast branch of the Grand Tree 2nd floor, east of Blurberry's Bar, that sells some of the same items.

He will buy Giant Frog Legs for 1000gp each.

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