Examine Information:
A seller of crossbow parts.
Miscellaneous Information:
If you talk to him about ammunition, he will give you an option to buy a Bolt pouch for 1,500 coins.

At level 49 Thieving it is possible to steal from his stall. This will award you with 52 experience and either Bronze limbs, Bronze bolts, or a Wooden stock when successful.

Like Hura and Holoy, Hirko also sells a selection of bolts as well as crossbow stocks, limbs, and completed crossbows that includes the following items:
Bronze bolts Iron bolts Steel bolts Mithril bolts
Adamant bolts Runite bolts Wooden stock Oak stock
Willow stock Teak stock Maple stock Mahogany stock
Yew stock Bronze limbs Iron limbs Steel limbs
Mithril limbs Adamantite limbs Runite limbs Bronze crossbow
Iron crossbow Steel crossbow Mithril crossbow Adamant crossbow
Off-hand bronze crossbow Off-hand iron crossbow Off-hand steel crossbow Off-hand mithril crossbow
Off-hand adamant crossbow Bronze 2h crossbow Iron 2h crossbow Steel 2h crossbow
Mithril 2h crossbow Adamant 2h crossbow

Crossbow Shop

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