Examine Information:
A member of the 'Humans Against Monsters' group.
Miscellaneous Information:
You can pickpocket these for all sorts of odd items. An incomplete list: Leather Body, 5-16gp, steel dagger, gloves, H.a.m. Logo, uncut jade, raw anchovies, bronze axe, cowhide. iron ore, buttons, tinderbox, logs, raw chicken, Ham Robes (top), Ham Robes (bottom), boots, Ham hood, rusty sword, Level 1 clues, Iron pickaxe, steel pickaxe, bronze pickaxe, Bronze Dagger, Needles, Ham Cape, coal, steel axe, iron axe, uncut opal, Slayer Staff. If you fail to pickpocket one of the H.A.M. members 3 times you end up in a random place or the H.A.M jail.

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