Examine Information:
He is leading the activities in Guthix's shrine.
Miscellaneous Information:
Guthixian high Druid is found in Guthix's Shrine after the completion of The World Wakes. When spoken to you can ask him to teleport you to the main chamber, where you'll find the new monsters.
You can exchange the top you received after completing the quest (Azzandra's Gift, Juna's Gift or Zilyana's Gift).
You can claim your quest rewards back from him if you destroy or lose them, and you can ask him for more rewards if you were not able to get them when you completed the quest.

You also have the option to Reminisce, where you can rewatch cutscenes from The World Wakes. These include: Meeting Cres, Zilyana confronting Cres, Sliske dealing his final blow, and Saradomin's return.

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