Examine Information:
Smaller than the average goblin.
Miscellaneous Information:
While living in the Goblin Village, Grubfoot is constantly bullied by General Wartface and General Bentnoze. Due to this, he chooses to move to Dorgesh-Kaan after The Chosen Commander.

Grubfoot plays a part in several quests. Some are just minor bits and others are a bit more involved.
  • Goblin Diplomacy - Grubfoot is the model used to try on the Orange goblin mail and Blue goblin mail.
  • Land of the Goblins - He is the starting point for this quest (Note: he is in the mines leading to Dorgesh-Kaan not in the Goblin Village for this). He wants to talk to Zanik and needs you help.
  • The Chosen Commander - For this quest, Grubfoot is a prisoner in Sigmund's base under the windmill North of Ardougne.
  • The Mghty Fall - Here Grubfoot can be found in the Dorgeshuun camp and along with My Arm and Burntmeat; they are there to cheer you on

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