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Poor lil' thing.
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Goebie villagers are found in Otot and Kanatah on Mazcab. All villagers randomly will say hello to you, other villagers, and other players within the village. The name of the villagers changes depending on which world you are on. These names include:
Alexander Basil Benjamin Bethany
Billy Boris Brandon Bruce
Burnie Carol Cherry Christopher
Clifford Colin Cragpole Danny
David Dean Debrah Degland
Denzel Dermot Derrick Edward
Eileen Fred Gaben Garry
George Goebiewan Harrison Jamaal
Jambo Jamie Jeffrey Jick
Joel John Kenobi Kevin
Kyle Liam Lola Louis
Lump Mark Maxwell Melinda
Melisandre Meryl Milene Niall
Pablo Paolo Paul Percival
Peter Poddle Quarant Riff
Robert Rodger Rupert Samuel
Sarah Sasha Shauny Sheryl
Simon Spencer Steven Stodge
Stuart Susan Tantibus Terrance
Theresa Tim Timothy Toby
Tod Toebie Vince Wallace
Wayne Yann Yon Zayn

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