Examine Information:
An ugly green creature.
Miscellaneous Information:
In Goblin Diplomacy, General Wartface is proponent of green armor.

In the Lost Tribe quest, he or General Bentnoze teach you 2 new emotes, the Goblin Dance and the Goblin Bow in order to be able to complete the quest.

You must inspect him or General Bentnoze in Recipe for Disaster quest and then later talk to him in Goblin Village if you inspected him in the banquet room.


General Wartface collects Bandosian artefacts (found in the Warforge Dig Site) related to goblins and will accept any restored artefacts which you have not yet contributed to a collection. See our Archaeology Collections special report for more information on how this works. Below is a table of which collections he accepts items for as well as the start and completion levels they each require.

Collections Level to
Level to
Green Gobbo Goodies I 76 83
Green Gobbo Goodies II 89 97
Green Gobbo Goodies III 100 119

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