Examine Information:
An ugly green creature.
Miscellaneous Information:
In Goblin Diplomacy, General Bentnoze is proponent of red armor.

In the Lost Tribe quest, he or General Wartface teach you 2 new emotes, the Goblin Dance and the Goblin Bow in order to be able to complete the quest.

You inspect must him or General Wartface in Recipe for Disaster quest and then later talk to him in Goblin Village if you inspected him in the banquet room.

Ranch Out of Time:

General Bentnoze is a large pen buyer who specifically wishes to purchase your brutish dinosaurs. He will purchase up to 6 for a varying amount of beans. The base value is dependent upon the animal's age and are as follows:
Age Beans
Egg 207
Baby 414
Adolescent 2,070
Adult 1,759
Elder 1,449
The number of beans obtained can also be modified by several other factors. From lowest to highest, these include:
  • -10% - Nice but Dim trait
  • -05% - Surly trait
  • -02% - Limited Effency trait
  • +02% - Lucky trait
  • +05% - Unlucky for Some trait
  • +05% - Animal farmer outfit
  • +10% - Master farmer outfit
  • +10% - Fortunate trait
  • +10% - Buyer's desired breed
  • +10% - Buyer's desired trait
  • +25% - Buyer's desired breed and trait
  • +52% - Highest possible bonus - Lucky, Unlucky for Some, and Fortunate traits + Master farmer outfit + desired breed and trait

Note that you will not ALWAYS find this NPC at their Ranch Out of Time location. They will need to be your current buyer for that size pen and you must have not sold them their max amount of critters.


General Bentnoze collects Bandosian artefacts (found in the Warforge Dig Site) not related to goblins and will accept any restored artefacts which you have not yet contributed to a collection. See our Archaeology Collections special report for more information on how this works. Below is a table of which collections he accepts items for as well as the start and completion levels they each require.

Collections Level to
Level to
Red Rum Relics I 81 94
Red Rum Relics II 97 110
Red Rum Relics III 115 119

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