Examine Information:
She adopted the name 'Gail' from nearby gnomes, who would call her it due to her gliding gait, and the shiver they got from seeing her.
Miscellaneous Information:
When The Needle Skips begins, Gail is just another person within the quest, the warden of the Needle. Someone trying to help Megan and Primrose. We learn about the situation from Gail's point of view during the third chapter. As the story reaches the finale, however, we learn that she is actually a future version of Primrose who was sent back in time 3 years to become the caretaker of the Elder artifact.

During the finale, you will need to use the Buckthorn salve on her.

Within Desperate Times, she will defend the Needle from Kerapac. At the end, she will revert to her Primrose state.

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