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For the interesting clothing items you just can't find elsewhere.
Miscellaneous Information:
Fancy-dress shop owner actually runs two stores: The Fancy Clothes Store and a Custom Fur Clothing store.

The Fancy Clothes Store sells clothing and related items:

Chef's hat Wizard's hat(blue) Cape(yellow) Grey wolf fur
Bear fur Needle Thread Leather gloves
Leather boots Priest gown(bottom) Priest gown(top) Brown apron
Pink skirt Black robe skirt Wizard robe skirt Cape(red)
Eye patch Red feather Yellow feather Orange feather
Blue feather Stripy feather Wimpy feather
Fance Clothes Shop

The Custom Fur Clothing store sells items made from the furs of hunted creatures. You must provide the necessary furs and pay the fee to have it made for you.

Polar camo top Polar camo legs Wood camo top Wood camo legs
Jungle camo top Jungle camo legs Desert camo top Desert camo legs
Gloves of silence Spotted cape Larupia hat Larupia top
Larupia legs Graahk headdress Graahk top Graahk legs
Kyatt hat Kyatt top Kyatt legs Spottier cape

Custom Fur Clothing

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